The Golden Tree

A musical fairy tale for the whole family!

“Once upon a time, there was a land far far away, even further than Spain, Egypt or South Africa! In this land are a lot of trees, so many trees that the whole land is one big forest. Right in the middle of the forest is the most beautiful tree of them all: The Golden Tree. This tree keeps the entire forest and all its wonderful creatures alive.

But when fate strikes, and the tree gets sick, dark shadows appear over the forest. Only with the four elements: fire, water, air and earth, the forest can heal again. Giel and his father embark on the adventure and try to accomplish the tasks. Would they succeed in saving the forest and all its inhabitants?”

Check out the trailer here!

The Performance

“The Golden Tree” is an interactive performance in which music, speech and image are brought together into one world. The performance tells a new and original fairy tale in which the children will be taken on an exciting adventure. They may help to complete the tasks so that the forest can be cured!

In addition to the story, music and images also play a prominent role in this performance. The music has been composed specially for this performance and will be performed on a magical instrument: the harp. This wonderful instrument will strengthen the story and will amaze the audience. In addition, not one harp will be used in the performance, but two different types of harps! A beautiful big golden concert harp and a tough flaming electric harp.

To complete the fairy tale, life-size drawings will also be projected. Various magical creatures and objects will crawl across the screen with exciting effects that will be breathtaking. This makes it fun to watch!

The show is suitable for children from the age of 6 and is also a pleasure for parents and grandparent. The show will be told in the Dutch language.

Download here the brochure for more information.

How it started

The family performance “The Golden tree” started as a school project but eventually developed into a professional concept. Michelle had to produce an interdisciplinary performance for her final exam project at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. She wanted to try to incorporate as much of her passion and creativity into the performance as possible. She has been inventing and writing stories since she was a child, so she decided to write a fairy tale. In combination with her harp playing, the storytelling power of actress Anke Verschueren and the beautiful illustrations by Emmeline van Roosmalen, it has grown into a magical world!