Live on Radio: "Spiegelzaal"

Today I had the oppurtunity to play live on NPO Radio 4 in the morning program "de Spiegelzaal" ("the Mirror hall"). It's a beautiful oval room, with chandeliers, a warm red carpet and of course a lot of mirrors! Normally there is always an audience present, but unfortunately that was not possible due to the current circumstances. 

During the program, I've performed the following works from my new CD album: "Winter Road" by G. Sviridov and "Vers la source dans le bois" by M. Tournier. In addition I've explained the background-story of the CD.

It was a very enjoyable experience, with the great and always enthusiastic presenter Hans van den Boom, who kept the atmosphere cheerful. The broadcast also featured the Erasmus Trio, who were celebrating their 30th anniversary.

Date of recording: 24th January 2021