Duo Sweegers & van Andel

Michelle Sweegers and clarinetist Jooske van Andel have been a regular duo since 2012. This duo was founded when they studied together at the Academy of Musical Talent in Utrecht (Netherlands). There they got their first lessons in chamber music and soon they found out that they not only have a musical, but also a friendly connection. They really connect and they always bring pleasure on stage.

Michelle and Jooske have won prizes as a duo at the Princess Christina Competition and the Chamber music festival in Hoorn. At a young age they were allowed to perform together at the Slotgrachtconcert in Schagen and they have also been invited to radio 4. The combination of clarinet and harp produces a unique and warm sound. Together Michelle and Jooske explore as much repertoire as possible and they often do the arranging for their instruments themselves.

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On 30 of January, 2022, there debut album "Movement" was presented during a concert at "De Heerlijkheid" in Eck & Wiel. The CD includes the new composition "Movement for Clarinet and Harp " by Dennis Hazennoot. This work has been commissioned by Duo Sweegers & van Andel.

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