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Omroep Tilburg
Podium Witteman
NPO Radio 4 - De Muziekfabriek
Prinses Christina Concours 2015
De Nationale Finale
Tarantula (from Spiders)
Paul Patterson
Schotse liederen
75-jaar Vrijheid Heusden
Capriccio op.43
Aubert Lemeland

Winter Road

G.V. Sviridov

When listening to this composition, we can imagine ourselves in a magical winter wonderland. "Winter Road" is a movement from the Snow storm suite, which was composed by the Russian composer G.V. Sviridov (1915-1998). He wrote the work for the 1964 film of the same name. Based on the stories of Aleksandr Pushkin, the film is full of drama and secret romances. Originally written for a symphony orchestra, I was so impressed with this work that I decided to arrange it for harp.

This work can also be heard on my debut CD Seasons: landscape & animals. This CD takes you on a musical journey through the four seasons. Each season features both the landscapes and the inhabitants. More information about the CD can be found here.