The official release of my first CD album is a fact! 

While listening to this CD, you will be taken on a musical journey through the four seasons.  In each season, we will see both the landscapes and its inhabitants. The music and the various possibilities of the harp reminded me of the different colors of the seasons. Each season has its own color, character and emotion. Despite these differences, they belong to one unity, one year. This is exactly how I look at the music: despite the fact that every piece of music is different, there will always be a connection between them.


The story behind the Cd:

The journey begins in spring. We can imagine ourselves in a forest, where the trees and plants start to blossom.  When we rest for a moment against a tree, we hear the water gently murmuring at a nearby water source. Above us in the trees, we hear beautiful singing. It is a nightingale; he announces the beginning of spring and symbolizes recurring happiness.

With the high temperatures in summer, when the Sun gives its full warmth, we travel along the longest river in the Czech Republic: the Moldau. When we look into the water, we catch a glimpse of the underwater world. We see fast eels, beautiful carp and small flying fish.

When it gets colder in autumn, we see nature slowly turning into yellow, red and brown shades. While we sit inside during one of the typical autumn showers, we listen through an open window and hear the whispering sounds of droplets falling on flower, leaves, pebbles and grass in the garden. We also notice that there are more and more domestic visitors: spiders looking for a dry and warm spot!

At the end, you can dream away in a beautiful winter wonderland, where we travel on a winter road and where the waddling and sometimes clumsy penguins cannot be missed!


View the 9-part CD presentation here