When Nature Calls

Michelle's cinematic compositions gives the harp a new character, blending melody and harmony with beats and experimental soundscapes. Her music is characterized by fairy-like sounds, emotional moments, playful freedom and an impressive orchestral sound.

Michelle Sweegers

The theme of this new performance, is nature. With its vast forests, vibrant oceans, reflective ice fields and the infinite universe. Picture yourself into a moving story of nature with wondrous music on the electric harp. We will not only discover its beauty, but also hear its impending doom ...

There are two different performance versions of this show: When Nature Calls - The Beginning and When Nature Calls - The Great Experience. Moreover, plans are being made to release the music on a new album (release date not yet known). More information on the different variants can be found below. 

The Beginning
An intimate concert in which Michelle takes you on a musical adventure through various beautiful natural areas. While playing and dancing, she breaks through the stereotypical idea of the harp. With just her harp and an intriguing story, she lets a whole palette of emotions and sounds pass by. 

The premiere of this version was on May 27, 2023. The sold-out audience was silently following every word and got amazed by the great variety of sounds. The concert took place in "De tuin van de smid", a sustainable and green venue in the middle of the green polder zone between Leiden and Zoeterwoude. It is literally green, as you are sitting in the middle of nature among the trees, gardens and nature reserves. 


The Great Experience
Michelle is currently further developing her concept When Nature Calls with the ultimate goal of organizing a theatre tour with a live orchestra and nature images projected on a large screen. Due to the large scale of the project, this version will take some time before it is available. Keep an eye on her website and social media channels to stay updated on the latest developments.

Het album
The music used in this performance will eventually be released on a new album. Michelle aims to use her music to create a new sound and bridge the gap between classical music, popular music and film music. She enters into unique collaborations (percussionist Stephan van der Meijden & Drum and Bass DJ Elmar van Eijck) and composes not just for harp, but for an entire orchestra.

Are you curious about the future developments or would you like some more information? Then do not hesitate to send an email to info@michellesweegers.nl

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